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FomoHunt is the world's easiest way to locate, research, and curate popular and alternative assets. Backed by a community of 10,000 novices, experts, and algorithmic strategies.

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Backtest strategies, forecast models for the future, and speak with a Robo-advisor today. Connect with the world's greatest minds, and learn from the world's top portfolios.


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More information is available to you from daily, curated, information diets. Included is access to a free companion podcast and newsletter: ModernMarkets.

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What is FomoHunt.

FomoHunt was built with the mission to bring you accurate knowledge and research, corresponding to investments you might have otherwise Fomo'ed on.

Why should I try it?

You realize the importance of proper money management, and investment, and you want another toolkit in your research and decision arsenal.

Do I need to pay to get started.

No, try out any of our plans. For free. No credit card required. Free 60 day trial on any plan. If you have any questions during that time, give us a message.

What if I don't own stocks or crypto?

This is a great place to learn, browse around. There are loads of resources to help you start. Remember, we never tell you what to do. Just think of as a library, where you can do all the research you want.

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