FomoHunt is all blockchain in one place. FomoHunt aims to be the central focal point bringing new voices into the world of Cryptocurrencies, through events, meetups, conferences, and hackathons.

We aim to provide an easy and fun user experience to the tens of thousands of active blockchain enthusiasts, and the million more waiting to join in the near future.

FomoHunt was created in 2018 for two users, event organizers and event attendees.

For the organizers it is an easier way to create, manage, and attract high quality sponsors for their events, while attracting high quality attendees.

For the attendees, it is the easiest way to book tickets to events globally, and create custom calendar roadshows, to guarantee you are utilizing your time and money wisely at the right events. And if your a business owner, it also allows you to promote your company effectively and efficiently with exclusive sponsorship opportunities.

FomoHunt is committed to growing the blockchain industry through in real life networking events and sound practices.

We look forward to having you on board!