Integrate FomoHunt events, profiles, stats

FomoHunt provides the world’s most extensive Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and blockchain data API, ranging from company data, product updates, events, news, fundamentals, and blockchain metrics.

FomoHunt = CryptoSimplified

Everything you see on FomoHunt, from Data, People, Events, News, and Profiles, is available as a direct integration into your website, web application, or mobile app.


  • URLs for Whitepaper, Telegram, Twitter, etc.
  • Associated people and entities
  • Roadmap and technology (TBA)
  • Token model


  • News articles hand selected by the FOMO team
  • Quick that can be read in 60 seconds
  • All Metadata including publish time, asset, author, and more


  • Display by companies
  • Real-time event updates
  • Display project roadmap updates
  • Display new product launches
  • Display events by region


  • Circulating supply 
  • Real-time volume data
  • Real-time price data
  • Historical price and volume data (TBA)
  • All-Time-High and All-Time-Low analysis 
  • Blockchain statistics (avg Transaction size, Wallet Holders, etc.)
  • Developer activity (GitHub commits, lines added, watchers, etc.)
  • ROI ( 1 year, 3 years, etc.)