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3rd CriptoBlock Multicoins São Paulo


CriptoBlock developed the third multicoins meeting highlighting projects developed for the adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies. Our target audiences are entrepreneurs, investors, enthusiasts, influencers, crypto start-ups, and developers of new Blockchain-based technologies.

In this third meeting we intend to reach the following stages:

Increasing reliability and day-to-day cryptocurrency utilization;

Increase the use of cryptocurrencies in Brazil;

Increase the payment network for cryptocurrencies;

Guide the visiting public with different lectures and self-informative power;

Network and get to know companies that develop new technologies for personal and commercial use.




Invests SP

Avenida Escola Politécnica, 82

Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil

Zip: 05350-000

Hours: 09hs to 19hs


Free for all registered visitors (Limited to 260 places)


Venue has wheelchair accessibility in all event environments.


Present in all lectures, fully inclusive event.


All registered visitors receive event bag


All registered visitors receive 50% of the amount paid for the ticket in CriptoBlock Coin to use during the event; You will need to download, install and configure one of the following wallets:


- TrustWallet :

IMPORTANT : CriptoBlock Coin credits will be held on the day of the event and post event on one of CriptoBlock's partner platforms; we will have an exclusive booth crediting all paying visitors. No submission of CriptoBlock Coin will be made after the event.

ATTENTION: To receive 50% of the amount paid for the Criptoblock Coin ticket, you must follow these steps:

Download one of the official wallets that will receive CriptoBlock Coin: Huobi or TrustWallet;

Install and configure before going to the event;

No CriptoBlock and Investe SP employees are allowed to perform installation and configuration

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Location Jaguaré, São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Date Oct 19th, 2019
09:00 AM-07:00 PM
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