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85 Queen: Hidden Networks: From Trump to Harry Potter to Bitcoin

with Professor Anthony Bonato  Networks, or graphs as they are also called, are mathematical objects that quantify how systems interact. From protein networks in living cells, to bitcoin transactions, to keywords in Donald Trump’s tweets, networks reside in every aspect of our lives and nature. Although networks are everywhere, many are invisible. Mathematicians and data scientists are only beginning to reveal these hidden networks and unlock their secrets. We give a guided tour of the modern field of network science, with insights along the way into what makes networks tick.  Anthony Bonato, is a mathematician and full professor at Ryerson University. He is the author of three academic books and over 110 research papers in the fields of graph theory and network science. Recipient of 2017/2018 Ryerson Fellowship at Massey College (2017/18), Deans' Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award for research excellence (2018), and YSGS Award for Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education (2019)   Tonight's lecture is hosted by MS2 Discovery Institute and Wilfrid Laurier University The Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Modelling in Scientific Discovery, Innovation and Sustainability (MS2Discovery) connects researchers working in mathematical and statistical modelling in various disciplines – from natural sciences and technology, finance, business and economics, and social sciences. MS2Discovery strives to create a dynamic and engaging environment conducive to interdisciplinary research, collaboration and communication. MS2Discovery increases public awareness of the key role mathematical and statistical modelling plays in our society. The institute promotes interdisciplinary research and education through events and publications. It engages multiple stakeholders including industry, policy makers and the public. The institute serves as a platform to enhance the research experience of faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars.

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Location Kitchener, ON, Canada
Date Oct 3rd, 2019
07:00 PM-09:00 PM PST
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