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Afridex 2019

Afridex is set to be the largest event in the Southern Hemisphere if its kind, done in a way like never before. Attending is certainly for everybody who is keen to understand how the world is changing at a rapid and unfathomable pace. You will come to understand the reason why Blockchain and Crypto are not where they should be in terms of mass adoption as yet and how we can change this and move forward from this continent as a globally united human race - all whilst having fun!Let us make the world a better place for all, one person at a time. Let freedom reign, let equality flood and unity make the world go round!

We are excited to introduce Afridex to all nations whilst proudly hosting the world in Africa on a journey toward global unity and freedom. The Afridex team are working diligently to ensure that Afridex's attendee experience will exceed all expectations beyond measure and be a memorable adventurous experience for all. Our aim is to educate the masses in a new and exciting way that will promote an understanding of the world around us in an enjoyable way. Our strategy is to educate all demographics through entertainment. We call this, edutainment.

So, why Africa? Did you know that Africa is the first continent to effectively apply Cryptocurrency to its supply and demand chain? This makes Africa a global leader in employing expertise in encryption, technology, software, legislation, and finance - among the cutting-edge skills enabling micro and macro economies to sustainable demonstrable growth. South Africa is ranked top 3 Bitcoin and Crypto trading nations found a recent study.

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Location Cape Town, South Africa
Date Sep 26th - 29th, 2019
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Cape Town, South Africa
61.86° F


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