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Blockchain ​​Technology Specialist - Masterclass

The course aims to train technicians specialized in blockchain. This figure will be able to master the blockchain technology, he will understand the potential offered by smart contract, he will learn to write some.

In the course he will see patterns and standards that have established themselves, will learn about the issues of disintermediation of trust and decentralization. He will know how a decentralized application is made, he will have clear the panorama of the different chains available today with their potential and different so that he can choose the one most suitable for each project.

All this will be done by alternating theory and practice, interacting and programming the blockchain. It is necessary to bring a PC during the course.

The BTS course will last 60 hours starting July 4 with the following schedule:

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Location Milan, Italy
Date Jul 5th - 26th, 2019
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