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Blockchain Foundation Training Berlin

As part of the Blockchain Foundation training, we empower leaders and entrepreneurs to understand the potential and specific challenges and risks associated with Blockchain technology. Distributed-ledger technologies are changing the way companies work and interact with others. We believe that today's companies need to keep pace with this disruptive power and prepare for the ever-changing business models of a decentralized economic structure. For this reason, we have made it our mission to provide hands-on courses and seminars with real blockchain project experience. In the 3-day Foundation Training, which has already been successfully completed monthly in the

Switzerland with the Swisscom Blockchain Academy, we will answer and discuss all open questions regarding blockchain as technology, tokenization and practical applications.


Per person for the 3 days, including meals and certificate from Swisscom and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences: € 1'650 

For group registrations please contact us, as we offer discounts.


Designed for business, technology, and legal professionals, this 3-day program covers a variety of topics that are understandable and relevant to all audiences.


Day 1, Blockchain, Crypto and Token Basics:

- Blockchain, Crypto and Tokenization 

- History of Money and Bitcoin 

- Understanding Blockchain 

- Cryptocurrencies and Tokens 

- Blockchain Market Trends 

- New Fundraising Methods 

- Token Categorization and Economics

Networking from 17:00

Day 2, Building Blocks of Blockchain Technology:

- Cryptography and Transactions 

- Wallets and Krypto Exchanges 

- Pratictic Exercises: Swisscom Academy Token 

- Understanding and Modeling Smart Contracts 

- Ethereum and Solidity Codes 

- ERC20 Tokens

Blockchain Meetup from 19 clock

Day 3, Blockchain for Business and Process Development:

- Introducing Blockchain for Business 

- Cross-Industry Use Cases 

- Supply Chains and Document Digitization 

- Decentralized Identities: Self Sovereign Identity 

- Blockchain for the Financial Industry 

- Group Task: Building a Blockchain Solution

Closing ceremony from 17:00


Jean-Armand Figeac (EN, FR):

Sven Wagenknecht (DE, EN):

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Location Berlin, Germany
Date Sep 30th - 2nd, 2019
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58.05° F


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