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Building Finance 3.0: Real Blockchain Use Cases

Jul 24th, 2019
Berlin, Germany

06:30 PM-08:30 PM PST

Finance 2.0 is flourishing for many years via apps (N26) or online platforms (Check24). However, the banking processes in the back are still the same: redundant, costly and local. Finance 3.0 improves the financial industry at its core using the blockchain. The digitization and global distribution of real securities; the instant swap of assets without middlemen and the global payment with cryptocurrencies/stablecoins are just a few examples that kickoff the movement. We will present and discuss real Finance 3.0 use cases in our workshop.

Join us in our vivid discussion. Learn from Jan Miczaika of Holtzbrinck Ventures, one of the leading European VCs, on how the VC industry is supporting this shift. Johannes Moormann of Exporo, biggest real estate crowdfunding platform in the world, will explain how they are tokenizing real estate assets. Radoslav Albrecht of Bitbond, the first global SME lending platform, will explain how they leverage blockchain technology for cross-border payment processing. Martin Kassing of Upvest will talk about the importance of enabling developers to make it easy and safe to build Finance 3.0 apps. Peter Grosskopf of Börse Stuttgart will share how they are building the first secondary market for digital assets in Europe. Julian Leitloff will talk on how blockchain unlocks a universe of KYC/AML solutions and vendors worldwide.

Jesper Noehr (founder of Bitbucket & Upvest) will be moderating the panel discussion.


6:30-6:45 PM Registration

6:45-7:00 PM Welcome Introduction by Upvest

7:00-7:15 PM Opening remarks by invited panelists

7:15-7:45 PM Panel discussion

7:45-8:00 PM Q&A

8:00-8:30 PM Drinks & networking


Martin Kassing (Founder, Upvest)

Jan Miczaika (Partner, Holtzbrinck Ventures)

Johannes Moormann (Blockchain Lead, Exporo AG)

Peter Grosskopf (CTO, Digital Assets Börse Stuttgart/co-founder, Solaris Bank)

Radoslav Albrecht (Founder & CEO, Bitbond)

Julian Leitloff (Co-founder & CEO, Fractal)

Moderator: Jesper Noehr (founder of Upvest & Bitbucket)

We are constantly updating the panelist roster. If you are interested to join the panel discussion, simply message here, or email us at


Vitalik room, Upvest HQ, Kleine Präsidentenstr. 1, 3OG 10178 Berlin

This event is free, and food and drinks will be served.

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Building Finance 3.0: Real Blockchain Use Cases

Location Berlin, Germany
Dates Jul 24th, 2019
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