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Crypto-Event : Ethereum basis and secure funds management

The basis of blockchain technology starting from Bitcoin and then focusing on Ethereum network.

We will understand the differences between the two networks and the most important elements of Ethereum network, to start entering into the new world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Finally we will test some real transaction between wallets and check how to create it and how to check and verify confirmations and so on.

who this seminar is addressed to?

This seminar is for people who are approaching to cryptocurrencies world either for investing or for holding and even for curiosity. No technical skill is needed for participating. The speaker will start from basic concepts to clarify the strongholds of this matters and how to enter this world in maximum security.

Points touchedThe basis of blockchain technology (bitcoin)What the blockchain is and which problems resolves and how.Differences between bitcoin and Ethereum networksUnderstanding cryptography basis: What are private and public keys( public key cryptography and hashes)What are wallets and how to manage the keys with them, security tipshow the private key is managed by different types of walletsMetamask, Myetherwallet(MEW), hardware walletstips for funds securitySome real tests with mobile wallet for executing real transactionsbenefits for the user

at the end of the day you will understand what are important parts of ethereum wallets, what is the private key and how to secure it, and the ways to store easily and securely ETH funds for long term holding and for investing. You will learn which are things to take care of and things to avoid in order to keep your funds safe. The user will have also possibility to register for having free updates and free publications about the argument.


dr. Massimo Musumeci, with a Master’s degree in physics, in 1997, started working in information technology matters over 20 years ago with particular eye to opensource model and virtualization since their beginning. Being network and security manager of Internet services providers, he managed data, bare metal servers and virtualized systems for several years. Nowadays he is a researcher and consultant for companies on cloud systems and blockchain matters covering in particular ethereum network.

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Location Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Date Oct 10th, 2019
04:00 PM-07:30 PM PST
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