Italian Tech Week | Blockchain and digital trust

Jun 26th, 2019
Piazza Carlo Alberto, 5a, Turin, Italy

The profound social and digital transformation we are experiencing raises the need for a new digital and distributed trust model, which can distort our usual way of interacting with society, companies and institutions.

Trust is the key word that makes possible connections and collaborations between different subjects today separated by territorial, administrative and sector barriers. In this new model, institutions will have to take on a new role to guarantee the quality, reliability, transparency and authority of the services provided by the entire ecosystem. Users, devices, applications and data will move more and more outside the area of ​​direct control: an extraordinary opportunity for growth, but at the same time a system to govern and manage in a structured and timely manner.

The distributed technologies and the blockchain stand as ideal solutions to realize new scenarios based on digital trust.

10:00 AM-05:00 PM PST

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Italian Tech Week | Blockchain and digital trust

Location Piazza Carlo Alberto, 5a, Turin, Italy
Dates Jun 26th, 2019
Event Organizer FomoHunt Alerts
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