Vermont Blockchain Summit

Sep 14th, 2019

Vermont is an amazing place for its scenic beauty, rich history, and innovative people. The world has been discovering the democratizing effects of technology, with resistance, in all corners. We the people, have the opportunity and responsibility to explore principle based technological infrastructure, experiment, and innovate our way to the best solutions. True to Vermont, we want to experiment in our own backyard!

Welcome to the first ever, Vermont Blockchain Summit, in celebration and pursuit of a progressive and regulatory environment that ushers in a modern era of technology for Vermont, by Vermont. A true collaborative technology that brings capital markets to the arts, banks the unbanked, and has the potential to disintermediate friction from our economy.

These hopes are high, as they must be in a tough world. Blockchain technology is a progression of open source and cryptographic technologies, truly entering society with the Bitcoin Whitepaper, and a software implementation, now 10 years running. Bitcoin was the first digital money with strong characteristics providing censorship resistance, disaster resilience, and a transparent, deflationary, monetary policy, plus a triple entry public ledger.

We now have more questions than answers, and continue the exploration of the amazing capabilities of technology to transform our lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the intersection of Vermont values and principle based technologies that will build our next systems.

09:30 AM-04:30 PM PST

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Vermont Blockchain Summit

Dates Sep 14th, 2019
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