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Wanxiang Blockchain

Hackathon will bring together the world's best teams to develop real-world scenario applications. In the two-day hackathon, you will see a thrilling competition between the world's top technical teams. Generous bonuses, exclusive industry opportunities are waiting for you! Founders and leaders from the global mainstream technology platforms will serve as judges or special guests, providing a unique opportunity for community interaction. 

The theme of this Hackathon will focus on the blockchain application in automotive industry, which is featured by Karma Automotive. 

Shanghai blockchain hackathon 2019 will be held in Shanghai from September 14th to 15th. Following the rules, Participants are required to complete project design (PPT format), presentation (demo format), and submit source code (GITHUB) according to the schedule.

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Location Hongkou District, Shanghai, China
Date Sep 14th - 15th, 2019
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Shanghai, China
84.87° F


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