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Workshop 'Dealing with Cryptocurrency'

Jul 23rd, 2019
Vught, Netherlands

07:30 PM-10:00 PM PST


This training is at Novalis, Industrieweg 9C, Vught

Bitcoins as a payment method. How does that work?

In this workshop you will get started with Cryptocurrency. Take your laptop and / or mobile phone with you (see list of requirements at the bottom of the page)

Much is written about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins in the media and not always as positively. 

Negative reporting is generally about acting and speculation, while Bitcoin is a very safe and reliable payment method in itself. Even safer than transferring money with the bank.

Paying for Global Tech products goes with Bitcoin. After creating the Global Tech account, it is possible to purchase Bitcoins via iDeal and immediately pay for the first purchase of the software license. The entire registration and payment procedure takes less than two hours. 

Paying the commissions of Global Tech is also possible with Cryptocurrency. With Global Tech Pay you can quickly convert your GTPlus to Bitcoins and have your commission in euros in your bank account in a maximum of 1 working day.

I had never done anything with Cryptocurrency myself. Unknown makes unloved. After an hour of research I was very enthusiastic about the use of Cryptocurrency. Especially because paying with Bitcoins is safer, faster and cheaper than transferring money through the bank. The costs are always the same and very low compared to the bank. It is also not possible that a transaction is reversed and the payment always arrives.

During the workshop it is explained what Cryptocurrency is and how you can use it, what the benefits are and why this system is so extremely safe and reliable.

What to bring to the workshop:

- Laptop and / or mobile phone 

- Driver's license or passport (not digital). 

- Letter with address (Bill of energy / mobile / internet / tax authorities / bank) 

- Stuff from your bank to make transfers via iDeal (random reader or something) 

- Your downline;)

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Workshop 'Dealing with Cryptocurrency'

Location Vught, Netherlands
Dates Jul 23rd, 2019
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