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FomoHunt Integrates Dai

FomoHunt Integrates Dai

  • FomoHunt users are now able to utilize MakerDAO’s stablecoin, DAI, as a supported payment inside the FomoHunt ecosystem of events, social profiles, and marketplace.
  • FomoHunt’s newly-launched API enables simple organization and distribution of community events worldwide. MakerDAO is one of the first with access to this new tool.

Los Angeles, CA, April 25th,, the social discovery platform for crypto and blockchain events, is pleased to announce their integration with Dai, the stablecoin from MakerDAO.

The integration makes Dai a payment option into all areas of FomoHunt, from the FomoHunt Marketplace to event tickets and subscription services, providing a non-volatile currency for crypto users.

The relationship gives MakerDAO access to the new FomoHunt API, allowing them to seamlessly integrate events, MakerDAO company data, team members, and more directly onto their websites and applications. FomoHunt is building an organized locale for managing this data that can be used and distributed anywhere on the web.

FomoHunt’s aims to be the leading community-driven website connecting people to crypto events, blockchain companies, professionals, and more, and sees the integration of MakerDao’s DAI into their marketplace being a huge step in the right direction.

Chase Cattaneo, CTO at FomoHunt, says “today is a special day for us at FomoHunt, as we are finally able to start showing a little of what’s going on behind the scenes at FomoHunt. Integrating a payment option as dynamic as DAI, and having them try our technology, is exciting.”


***MakerDao and their stable and decentralized currency DAI, stands to transform the financial industry by allowing businesses and individuals to realize the advantages of digital money without experiencing volatility.

*** was founded by a team of dedicated blockchain enthusiasts, engineers, and investors in 2018, and aims to be the world’s largest resource for crypto & blockchain events.