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$58,000.00 USD

We often describe too rigorous people as squares. They just don't get it, and if you don't know one, you are likely the one others understand as that. In the case of Bitcoin, it is that unbending decentralized form that provides its value. The stable digital structure that trucks along making way to a new value reality.

Getting into crypto, after a while, is like starting to see money in 3D. Bitcoin, much like this art piece, at first glance might appear to be just a modern art mess. It requires some vision, out of mainstream media focus and careful study to reveal a structure and a robust communication inside. If you are not into crypto, you are likely to miss the central logo and the code.

The central part of this work was created live in front of cameras shooting the documentary series Crypto Kingdom.

The eternal dance of value and reality, going beyond crypto, is summed up by this Alan Watts/South Park video.


Name: Stereoscopic
Style: Artevo
Painter: V E S A
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